Super 8
1040 Zelfer Ave
Colby, KS

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Last night we checked in to the Super 8 Motel in Colby, KS. We were driving from Colorado to Illinois and needed a place to sleep for the night. After hearing a story on NPR about bedbugs, I now always check the room before settling in. First I looked at the mattress, and everything looked fine. Next, I looked behind the headboard and saw a few tiny black dots on the wall, which I had heard were signs of the bugs. As I pulled the headboard further away from the wall I found 5 adult bugs in

the corners of the headboard, along with many more black spots. I had my camera in the room with me, so I quickly took pictures of them and headed to the front desk. We were offered another room, which we quickly declined. We had to call back this morning to have our money refunded by the manager.

I am so glad that I checked things out! My family always teases me about checking for bedbugs... I don't think they will tease me anymore!

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