Quality Inn Colby
1950 S Range Ave
Colby, KS 67701-4020

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On 7/17/14 I stayed in this hotel for one night. It was very disgusting and I was nervous. I should have listened to my instincts. For the next 4 days multiple bites/blisters/red marks followed by a red rash below them popped up and I was the bed bug banquet. I am very upset and still having problems. My blisters have dried up, but are now scabbed over and will bleed yet. I have contacted the hotel and the manager wasn't in. I called the corporation and they contacted the manager and the m

anager still has not contacted me. The corporation refuses to do anything because it is a health issue and the hotel will not respond. I have pictures as proof, but will not post them as I don't want to post my body parts on the internet.

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We stayed on July 21 in room 113. I didn't get undressed or sleep under the covers because I was grossed out by the hotel but my husband did and today he showed me all these biteson his body which ate clearly bed bugs. I have not reported it to the hotel but I thought I would let you all know. I use this website always. Thx.

My son and his partner stayed at this hotel over the last 2 weeks working on a construction project, new home. The friend was literally "eaten" alive and required medical treatment after returning home. Now, they have brought them into their home. My son only had a couple bites, but they have spread over his upper torso. Unfortunately, they did not know what it was until they returned home and got medical attention. Too late for their home..now they have a huge mess..the dates of the stay were a

pprox Feb 2-12, 2011

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