Super 8
4124 Ameritech Dr
South Bend, IN 46628-9126

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January 17, 2014. We arrive at this location on a Friday morning after driving almost 12 hours on no sleep. Checked in for about 5 hours. We were eating dinner and had kids on one bed and adults on the other when a bed bug came strolling across the bed in between 2 adults! Called Front Desk Immediately and demanded a refund and showed her the bug. She didn't seem surprised, and said no problem, we've had them before. We immediately threw everything that had been on the beds (clothes, blankets an

d pillows that we brought) into the bathroom while we tossed our suitcases and other belongings out into the hallway. We asked for garbage bags for our contaminated items and were refused reimbursement for having to go and use laundry facilities to ensure the bed bugs were not taken home with us! Front Desk lady sounded so annoyed with us and even said 'Well that's the chance you take staying in a public facility.' This was not our only complaint of the hotel either. Just dirty in general with mold in pool area and rooms, and hair in bathrooms.

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I can't remember the room #, but we were on the second floor on May 28th. I was awakened by itching on my arms and neck. I found several bugs in both beds and one on the bathroom floor (I think I knocked it off when I went to the bathroom to see why I was itching). The room must have been infested because there were several in both beds and one of my daughters found two on her shirt when I aroused everyone. I took one down to the front desk and asked her to refund my room charges, asked for

2 garbage bags to put our belongings in and checked out at 1:30am. I had approximately 20 bites on my arms and neck. I didn't get in bed until about 11:30pm, so all of this occured in approximately 2 hrs. The room charge has not been credited back to my account as of yet.

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