Super 8 Shelbyville
20 W Rampart St
Shelbyville, IN

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I book this hotel on 1/18/14 for an employee. She called me the next day to say she was covered in bed bug bites.

Approximately August 31st, 2011. Checked into this nasty, horrifying hotel at approximately 6:30, took a brief nap on TOP of the covers, then awoke an hour later to have something to eat. Went to bed by 9, tossed and turned, eventually woke at 11 to find bedbug bites all over the sides of my torso, my arms, and the sides of my legs. Angrily packed stuff into car, marched into lobby, checked out and demanded a refund. Clerk wanted to go down to the room himself with me to see the bugs

for himself... and they did not disappoint. Refund was issued. Now before I ever unpack and settle into a hotel room, I throw the covers back to see if I find anything lurking. Wish I had been in the habit of doing this before I hit Shelbyville. I STILL have visible scars along the side of my legs from the bedbug bites (a clustered row of bites), over 4 months later.

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I checked in about 12:30Am. The room was like an oven, about 95 degrees. Based on the rate of cooling, it looked like the room would be too uncomfortable to sleep for at least 45 minutes. I turned on the tv but the remote batteries were dead. I pulled back the covers and laid on the clean sheets to read. After 15 minutes I noticed a swarm of insects on my book, my arm, and the side of the bed. The clerk said they were bedbugs. I requested my money back, which he refunded. I returned home and cle

aned up and had to fumigate my car, luggage and clothing. I missed my scheduled class for June 9 and got only 3 hours sleep. I am sitting here itching furiously and am totally disgusted.

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