Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza
800 E 81st Ave
Merrillville, IN

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12/10/14 - Checked into Room 2025, within 15 minutes
After entering the room I caught one on the white sheets plain as day, put it in a cup and called the front desk. Waited in the hallway for management for approx 15-20 mins... A maintenance man came up with a spray bottle and I again said I was waiting on management, he used a phone in the hallway and called management up again. Management then called the room, I told him I had a bed bug in a cup and had been waiting in the hallway for someo

ne. He eventually came up to the room where I showed him the big... He offered to move me a few doors down and I declined, asked to be moved to another floor as far away as possible and I will thoroughly check it before I decide if I am going to stay in this hotel for the evening. I was then taken to a different room far far away where on the floor was a pair of panties. Left the hotel without a refund.... Booked thru a 3rd party... End of story don't stay here.

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I was at the Raddison For a four nite Stay and on day 1 around 3am I was awaken by a buring and inching in my midsection of my arm. So I went to the bathroom to turn on light to see why I were inching in this one spot and There were a bump rising as a blister . When morning came I arise and went to shower and noticice my arm was itching from to to wrist and I raised my arm and underneath there was these three raised bumps that were itching my roommates who I call to the rest room to look at my

arm had some Sea Breeze and she spayed it on my arm to relieve the itching and burning, She stated I probably was allergic to something or the sheets. However that nite I was awaken again with a burning sensation on my back which also continued to itch so that morning I called the front desk to report that something was biting me at night. And the Supervisior came up to my room and did a report. After She left I went to shower and dress, when I was about to leave the room I STEP OVER TO THE BED AREA TO PULL THE COVERS UP WHEN I NOTICE SOMETHING DARK ON THE BRITE WHITE COVE aND I PUT MY GLASS ON TO SEE AND SURE ENOUGH THE WAS THIS LITTLE RED BEDBUG ON TOP OF THE PART OF THE COVER THAT I PULLED UP. IMEDIATELLY GOT A CUP FROM THE DESK AND A STRAW AND PUT THE BEDBUD IN THE CUP AND TOOK IT DOWN TO THE SUPERVISIOR WHO HAD COME TO MY ROOM EARLIER.

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