Quality Inn & Suites Lafayette
4221 State Road 26 E
Lafayette, IN 99999

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11-12-14 checked in to this hotel on 11-11-14 Monday morning. We have been working nights so we were only there for one day and first thing I sayy stuff on the bed and sat on the bed for a minute. As soon as I sat down the top of the headrest fell off and hit me in the head. Then I noticed that the piece of wood that had fallen off the top of the headrest had little black stains underneath it pretty bad actually. I didn't really think anything of it. Then a little later that day I was sitting o

n the bed and felt something crawling up my neck. I caught the bed bug and put it in a bag to show the hotel manager. After I found the first one I started looking for more of them and saw another one crawling up the back of the bed against the wall and caught that one too and went and showed it to the hotel front desk. I took many pictures of the evidence of the presence of bed bugs in that hotel room to show the manager. All they said that they were sorry and that the pictures I took of the room looked really bad. I instantly packed all my stuff up and left the hotel and told a few different people that I had found bed bugs in my room on the way out and they went and checked out as soon as I told them about the bugs. We stayed in room 134. We stayed on the 3rd floor all last week and opened the window to find out that the big window was broken and they just put clear tape up all over it to hold the glass in Instead of replacing it. And three out of the four nights we stayed there last week it smelled like someone had literally smoked marijuana in the stairwell and made our whole hallway smell like a fresh burned joint. So please beware of this hotel and stay clear of it. They didn't say they were going to do anything about the bed bugs while were talking to them so we are never staying at a Quality Inn again!!!

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November 7-9, 2014. Room 437. Evidence of bed bug bites both nights we stayed there. I have been bitten before so I know how my skin reacts to bites. "Breakfast, lunch, and dinner" line of 3 bites present indicative of bed bugs. Will be contacting management tomorrow and sending written notification with photo evidence of the bites

Saturday, June 25, 2011. Room 234. When I woke up in the morning found spots on the pillow, and numerous bed bugs. I work at a museum, and the entomologist on staff had given a lecture illustrating what to look for, so it's a positive ID.

The clerk says the manager will OK a refund. I'm in a Laundromat washing all my clothes. There's free WiFi, so I can make this report.

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