Quality Inn South
450 Bixler Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46227-1649

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My family stayed in 3 rooms in this hotel on 10 May 2013. Because the hotel is a bit run down and dirty, we looked under the bedding for signs of bed bugs, but did not see any. At 1 a.m. my sister had a bed bug on her. She killed it and we positively identified it in the morning. We were scheduled to stay another night, but we left. The workers at the front counter were very unconcerned, even when presented with the dead bug.

First, this address is actually now a Super 8 (not sure if it was previously a Quality Inn or not). I spent two nights there and should have gone with my instincts about it not being a very clean hotel (smells and weird stains). I woke up the first morning with a couple bites, but the second morning my arms, neck, and face all have several bites that could only be from bed bugs. I saw one very small bug that looked like pictures online of early stage bed bugs, so I feel confident that that was t

he case. This happened on 5/3/13 and 5/4/13. Luckily I realized what had happened before I got home and was able to super heat all of my belongings before stepping foot in my apartment. The bites were confirmed to be bed bugs by the pattern of the bites and irritation, as well as location.

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