La Quinta Inn Indianapolis Airport / Lynhurst
5316 W Southern Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46241-5510

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I had experienced a horrific encounter by sleeping in an infected room two consecutive nights. By day two I woke up bleeding in the chest, neck and chin areas. Was moved to another room and woke up there finding spiders and killing them in the bathroom. The case is documented with pictures, of welts and bloody swollen areas on the above indicated areas. The case is also documentated with supporting doctor diagnosis 27- bug bites total, and prescriptions for both antibiotics and itching.


e hotel did a fast replacement of the furniture and bed in the affected room, probably from spare inventory, then called a firm to claim the place didn't prove positive.

As a result I'm finding a new hotel to support my corporate travel account.

Dates were from 06/06/2011 to 06/07/2011 after being confirmed by doctors I moved to a different hotel.

The encounter of 27 documentated bug bites has left me traumatized - sleeping with a light on. The experience was like being eaten alive by bugs but the body was still warm.

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