Intown Suites
5820 W 85th St
Indianapolis, IN

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This place is dirty so don't stay here. The towels in the bathroom had someone's hair all over them and the bedspread was disgustingly filthy.

I can see why they have bedbugs.

On Tuesday Jan.23, 2014 myself and two children checked in and stayed in room 325. We were exhausted from an entire day of moving and immediately went to sleep. My intentions were to stay at this hotel for two weeks until or local condo would be ready for us to move in. This was the most horrifying experience ever. During the night my daughter and I were feast on by bedbugs. Early the next morning, I went to the front desk, only to find out it didn't open until 11:00am. I finally found and s

poke to the "courtersy officer", who was chasing her shoeless one yr old "Lay, Lay" down the hall. I showed her my bites I endured through the night as well as pictures that i had taken of my daughter. The in house maintence man came to our room to check it out a few hours later. He took apart both beds, stated he saw no sign of bedbugs, but that it may be spiders. He clamied that the room had been vacant for a few weeks and the person that stayed there was "clean". He then Insulted me by asking if we were from out of town, because bed bugs travel. I told him that we are local and were just waiting until our place was ready. He then rudely implied that we could have brought "them" with us unknowingly. I was taken back by his statement, and let him know that is absurd, untrue and rude to tell a paying guest. I have never endured rudness let alone tortured by pest in my life, and I had to pay for it by money and flesh. He then sprayed down the mattresses with aclohol to kill the bed bugs, that didn't exist. The front desk person finally came, he told her about his lack of finding bedbugs, but he treated it. The clerk stated that housekeeping would be up to remake the beds. When the housekeeper arrived, she already knew what happened and stated that, if we complained or asked to move, management will refund our money and put us out. What the housekeeper told us came true. This was the winter of 2014, worst winter ever on record. We had no place to go and had to endure this porblem. We, three slept in the same bed. We went with the possible spider bit for a while and didn't sleep in the bed near the wall. We had maintence come in again to check, because the bites did not stop. On the third visit by maintence the office manager came and inspected herself. Within 2 mins of her inspection, she found BEDBUGS. The office manager refunded my current week charge, that was paid in advance. I recevied no compentsation for the week prior, when we first compalined. And yes, we were put in the streets, with 10 inches of snow coming. DONOT DO NOT subject yourself, family or pets to this place or their staff. So many other things were wrong with this place besides bedbugs, lack of security, doors reamined open all night, drug addicts roaming the halls. Dealers selling to staff etc. I witness it all. Next time, I'll sleep in the car.

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This is in response to Ken's posting of 12/5/11.

At InTown, we strive to keep all of our locations pest free. As part of this effort, we have an extensive program to prevent, detect and eradicate bedbugs. In fact, from discussions with various health departments in markets we serve, we are on the leading edge of combating these pests.

Orkin, our national pest control provider, is in the process of inspecting and treating this room. Every measure will be taken to ensure the room is p

est free as quickly as possible. Also, we have refunded Ken his entire last week's stay and certainly regret this occurence.

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I woke at 7am this morning on 12-4-11 and felt something crawling and biting me. i pulled back the blanket and sheet and seen bed bugs crawling around. i scoopoed up what i could in a empty coffee jar and called clerk on duty. i told her there were bed bugs here and did not here back from anyone for 5 hours. they refused to put me in another room, i pay weekly here by the week in advance. i showed them live bugs in person and on video and they still refuse to put me in another room. they took th

e blankets and sheets and brought different ones and refuse to put them on the beds and tell me that i have to do that. my brother and i have nowhere else to go until my apartment is ready and i dont understand how they can take 250.00 aweek from me and not care to do anything what soever to get me out of this infested bedbug room. both mattresses and box springs have black fecus everywhere which means they have been here for quite some time. i am leaving this filthy place tomorrow and now i have to throw all my clothes and personal items away so i dont take bedbugs to my apartment that i have been waiting on. when you have filthy people working at a filthy motel this is what happens. they dont even clean the rooms like they should while you are staying here. the room appeared to be clean when we checked in but they didnt clean it after the first week of stay. it was two weeks before they cleaned the room and even then all they did was empty the trash cans. did not clean the bath room or use a vacume. no one here cares.

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