Embassy Suites
3912 Vincennes Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268-3005

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We checked in to the hotel on March 7, 2014 and fled less than an hour later.....bed bugs! I pulled back the blankets to lay down and saw a bug scamper away. We were able to catch it. We used our phones and googled images....yep the picture confirmed our creature was indeed a bed bug. I called downstairs and explained the problem. Finally someone came up. We showed him our bug and he said "yes, that is that it looks like". He went on to say we could be moved to another room. Seriously?

Then he indicated that perhaps we could get a partial refund! Partial? So we packed up and went downstairs. My husband asked the group of workers just standing watching this unfold if this had happened before. One lone worker looked guilty and hung his head. One looked away. The other said a most unconvincing "no".

We left and immediately called Customer Service at Corporate Office. We had to hold the line for more than 15 minutes. It was a nightmare. Although this is not an ideal situation it could have been less unpleasant had the hotel workers been more assistive. They simply didn't care. It was as though this was not a big deal and we were boring or bothering them.

I am so grateful I had not laid down or been in that room any longer. I am now on high alert and trying to make certain my family's belongings are not contaminated.

We had stayed at this hotel a few times in the past. This time, however, will be the last time I venture to Embassy Suites.

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My husband and I stayed at this hotel November 14, 15, and 16th 2013 in room 329. A few days later I broke out with bites on my face, arms, hands, back and stomach more than 30 bites in all.

My husband and I stayed here the weekend of July 13, 2013. Anytime we stay in a hotel, we check for bedbugs before we put our bags down. We throw the top blanket in the corner of the room (we never use that thing) and then check around the headboard, under the sheets & pillows, on the mattress & boxspring, especially in the folds at the edges of the mattress. We found no signs of bedbugs, stayed the night, and have had no problems.

On April 5, 2013 we stayed one night at Embassy north. At 11:30pm when headed to bed in a king suite room 207 my wife spotted something on one of the pillows. I dismissed it at first and then upon further examination discovered it was a bug. I picked it up with a tissue and put it in a ziplock Bag. After googling it, it was clearly a mature bedbug. I went to the lobby and told the night manager. They offered to relocate us but because we live here in town and were just wanting a fun Night with o

ur kids, we decided to pack up and head home. Our room was refunded and we were offered a certificate for another stay. I don't know that I want to go back but it was an appropriate gesture. We were up until 3am washing clothes in hot water to ensure we didn't bring any home with us.

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Stayed last night for one night in room 310. Woke up and found two pots of blood near the pillow. Found two larger ones under the pillow and a couple down in the bed. KTook pictures, klled them and left the evidence for cleaning personnel.

We encountered bedbugs during our stay in 2010. As others have reported, management was very responsive and did not deny that they have a problem. (I suppose it's harder to deny it when you are showing them the floating bedbug in a glass...) They kindly moved us to a new room and provided a bottle of wine.

I stay at this hotel frequently. On 4/23- 4/26 I stayed in room 712 and on 5/7-5/9 I stayed in room 715. After the latter stay, and over the next week, I broke out with close to 100 bed bug bites. Management was very responsive, but, I stayed elsewhere during my next two visits. I am staying there again, but, just last week, my colleague was severely bitten by bed bugs and she was in room 713. Clearly there is still an issue in that section of the hotel, at a minimum.

I called prior to my stay in October as I had read a few of the comments. The hotel was very kind and professional in explaintion on how the process is handled when an incident is reported. What stuck out to me is they don't put any rooms back for purchase until the treatment company release it back to them. After my stay on Oct 5th, I am happy to report we had no issue either. I believe they are doing there best to handle any situations they have had.

On June 4, my wife and kids and I stayed at the Embassy Suites, also on the 5th floor. My wife and I were both bitten by bed bugs once or twice each.

I stayed in this hotel 4/12/11 but called the hotel prior to discuss the bedbugs. They explained their procedures to rid the rooms of bedbugs and assured me that the problem had been resolved. I'm happy to say that I didn't see any bedbugs, and I checked thoroughly. My two night stay was good, the staff helpful and my room was nice and clean.

On Jan 19th I checked into room 504 and inspected my bed and surrounding areas. Everything looked fine. I woke up the next morning with two bites on my neck and one on my arm. When I got out of bed there was a large bed bug dead right where I had been sleeping.

On November 29, I checked into Room 505. After I inspected the bed and mattress, I removed the folded blanket on the end of the bed. I found a bed bug on the sheet beneath where the blanket had been. I trapped it in a glass and notified hotel management, who was responded quickly and professionally.

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