Super 8 Howe
7333 N State Road 9
Howe, IN 46746

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My sister and I stayed in room 111 on 9/24 and 9/25. She was bit in the hotel and they followed me home. I am spending over $1000 to get rid of them, plus doctor bills and everything I lost because it needed to be thrown away. The manager will not return my phone calls. Don't stay here!

My sister and I stayed at this hotel on September 24th and 25th, 2010. Sunday morning I woke up to bug bites all over my arms. I told the girl at the front desk and she just simply blew me off. By the time I returned to Ohio that day I had literally over 80 EIGHTY bites (NOT AN EXAGGERATION) on my arms, legs and even my face!!! I had to take time off work the next day to go to a Dermatologist and I am now on 2 types of allergy medicine, steroids and cream for the bites. DO NOT STAY AT THIS H

OTEL!!!!!!!!! The manager did not care one bit of what happened to me and I know this is going to continue to happen to people.

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We had reservations for here on Sept. 3, 2010. We checked in and then went out to eat, returning around 11:15 pm. I went to shower....came back to the bed and went to pull the covers back and saw bedbugs! Then we pulled pillows and saw tons. Dave went for the manager. He thought maybe dirt????? Heck no! He didn't seem too worried. Dave went to the desk and told him we would not be trying another room....we left. We found ourselves outside in the rain not knowing where to go. He found his brother

s home and I found a friends home. The following day we found The Hampton's and it was fine...couldn't have been cleaner. The lack of concern at Super 8 was shocking. That guy could have cared less. I never saw so many bedbugs in one bed in my whole life. I had to bring all our clothes back here, washed everything while keeping our suitcases outside in huge bags. NOT stay at that Super 8!

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September 3 2010, I stayed at this hotel (Room 106) for a few hours. When we went to turn in for the night we noticed literally hundreds of little critters crawling around under the pillows and between the sheets. I went to the front desk and advised them and the night manager returned to the room with me and concurred that these were bedbugs. We checked out of the hotel at that point and went to a laundromat and threw all things in a dryer and remained awake the rest of the night due to no room

s available in the area, The next day we checked into an upscale hotel but checked it thoroughly before doing so..

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