Red Carpet Inn Greenwood
1117 E Main St
Greenwood, IN

Found 2 reports:

Yes...Bed bugs, small bugs, red bugs, brown bugs, black bugs ants, rodents... The desk clerk was worried about smoking when he & the manager are well aware that there is a total bug infestation going on. The police & health department are also well aware. Why have they not lit a match to this place already??? How are these crooks allowed to collect money from unsuspecting travelors & spread their bug infestation?

Bed Bug/Vermin Infestation

My family members called me at 3:30 a.m. Sunday 7-08-12 crying and frantic as they awoke to multiple bugs, varieties and colors crawling on them. There was also a larger rodent mouse/rat that ran through the hallway. The front desk person refused to awake the manager and also refused to give out the managers name. Thus, the Greenwood, IL police were summoned and a report (with case number) was made. The police mentioned that they receive a lot of complaints for this

property. The police also gave us the phone number of the local health department. A report has been filed at the local Health Department.

It is hard to believe, but truthful.


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