Country Inn and Suites Elkhart North
3250 Northview Dr
Elkhart, IN 46514-6749

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I recently stayed at this hotel and found a bug.

management said the next day they called an exterminator and found no issues.

by that weekend, I had multiple bites on my arms, neck and legs.

Two weeks know suffering with this and this hotel chain is non responsive.

I stayed in room 205 and would not wish this on anyone.

now seeing past reports, this is a very good website and one I will recommend to others while using hotels.

On 6 July 2014, stayed in Country Inn & Suites, Elkhart, IN, for a short over-night stop on the way to another state. In suite 401, which is a 1-BR suite with King Bed in BR and sofa bed in LR, my daughter and son-in-law woke up in the King Bed with bites all over legs, thighs, and parts of their back and shoulders. The bites were red and consistent with bed bug bite photos. We inspected the mattress prior to sleeping and found no evidence of bed bugs, and there were no other bugs present in t

he room, either (spiders, mosquitos, etc.).

Contacted management and they said they had the room inspected but found nothing - they also said they have the hotel treated monthly. I don't know who is doing their inspections, but I truly believe they have a bed bug problem.

see full report...

Pulled back sheets of first bed and found dead bed bug. When I pulled back second bed, I found a live bed bug. I brought specimen to manager and was given a new room. No compensation was made. In fact, he was mean and condescending.

I woke up and discovered bites on my feet, legs, and all up and down my left arm. I contacted the manager and they stripped the bed and found no bugs. They could have been hiding under the bed or in the fold out coach. I will take a picture of the bites and send them to you if you want....

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