Quality Inn Crawfordsville
2500 Lafayette Rd
Crawfordsville, IN

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Late November 2011 two night stay resulted in bringing bed bugs home. We were not aware of bed bugs or their danger until working with our local exterminator and family doctor to identify the culprit and exterminate our home infestation weeks later. Reconstructing our contacts, we've come to believe our first co tact with the bugs occurred in an earlier stay at the inn in spring of 2011 when my husband's sister requested her family's presence in final stages of her illness. A reurn visit for her

funeral in late june 2011 was likely our 2nd exposure. Our stay at the Quality Inn Crawfordsville the week before Thanksgiving last year was the death knell. An aggressive variety attended our luggage home. Subsequent nightmare insured. I believe we've passed through it now but I'm still so rivited I can scrsely reconstruct the events in writing yet I'm compelled to relay this information for protection of other travers. We're due to return to Montgomery county, indiana at the end of this month to oversee our repurchase my husband's mother's family farm from my sister in law's widower at the end of this month. My husband and his attorney are looking for safe properties where we can find accomodation during our stay- me, I'm looking at camping equipment and developing a sincere appreciation for good oll' John Denver and the outdoorsy types. Sleeping in the. car is looking better all the time! Ive elected not to sign my name - I've simply made myself socially scarce for the last 3 month. Neighbors have recently become concerned that I've been sick or we've been frequently out of town. I had to be sure the problem wasn't spread. I'm back in commission now- its best ateast for now to put the issue behind me. So please understand my decision to remain annonymous. Yet the stff of Quality Inn are wonderful and gracious people. Please do keep this close in mind. Still the danger is  too great for me to move on without warning other travelers. 

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