Super 8 Corydon in
2300-2499 Pacer Ct Nw
Corydon, IN 47112

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Today is January 1, 2013 and we checked in last night around 9 pm. I did check the bed before getting in but I didn't notice anything suspicious on the mattress or sheets. When I laid down I began to itch and scratch. I didn't think much of it because I had been bitten twice before at 2 different hotels I just figured I was being paranoid and it was all in my head. The itching never went away and I only got about 45 minutes of sleep. It is now 3:40am Jan. 2 and I just found 2 bedbugs crawling ar

ound on one of the pillows in the bed.

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I stayed at super 8 on October 26th, arrived around midnight. I have never had an experience with bed bugs. I did not check the bed. plus, I was so tired when I arrived , I went straight to bed. I left at 6 A.M. next morning. I started itching about 4 P.M. on 28th. I have several large red whelps on my neck and back . areas on my back are in a straight line. Sunday I had more areas on my arms and legs. I looked upo pictures of bed bugt bites, my are exactly klike the ones shown on a woman's back

. red areas are about the size of a nickle or larger, Today is Tuesday, and they are still red and itchy.I will be checking the report and my bed next time I stay away from home.

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