Sleep Inn & Suites Columbus
2335 W Jonathan Moore Pike
Columbus, IN 47201-9253

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Great hotel...very clean and really nice the pool...also very helpful w/directions! Have stayed for yrs and never once have i ever seen a bedbug!!!

November 5, 2010. We woke to find 20-30 bed bugs in the bed. The night clerk came to our room and witnessed the bugs and the blood where we had killed some. The manager was there but did not respond to us, until i called their corporate office. I was send a pathetic canned letter that indicated they were sorry we "thought" we may have had problem with bedbugs. A canned letter - sure. But it was infuriating just the same. My conversation with the hotel manager was a web of truth and lies; sh

e was clearly trying to save the situation. I would have done better with a simple but expedited phone call.

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