Super 8 Brownsburg
1100 N Green St
Brownsburg, IN 46112

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7/8/15 Had to get up, demand my money back and leave at 230 am because I was getting eatin alive by bed bugs ap big as a cockroach! How long has this been going on and why hasn't anything been done about it? It's just disgusting! And I really don't want to carry them home with me!

On Sunday/Monday, March 24/5, 2013, I and my children arrived about 1:00 am in the morning escaping unsafe roads during a snowstorm. We were given a room on the first floor that already had the lights on (to keep the bugs away?) We slept in the room for about 5 hours before heading on. On Tuesday morning we were covered in bites. I tried for months to find some follow-up: spoke with several front desk workers, manager, owner, extermination company and Super 8 headquarters. The one time I got t

he owner, he said, "I thought those were supposed to be gone-we replaced the furniture and everything." In the end they credited me a small percentage on my bill. No refund, no apology. This place has absolutely no customer service. I feel violated when I think that it wasn't an accident, but rather placed in that room knowing that it was infested.

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08/19/2013 Arrived at Super 8 about 9PM. Watched tv for a while and then went to sleep. Left at 7AM. Had a little itch, did not worry about it. 8 Hours later bites showed up. About 20 in all. Ears, Neck, arms and legs.

Stayed here 4/2/2013. Bed bugs are back. Room 103. Bites all over both arms and face. Called hotel and they did not really care.

Found bedbugs around midnight 12/17/11. Caught and bagged over 20. Gave some to manager to show exterminator. Demanded money back...he complied. Bagged everything we had taken into the room and put bags in back of truck. Showered, put on clean clothes and left.

After we got home we heat treated everything possible and chemically treated the rest.

Reported incident to President, Super 8 Motels. Got no response.

After 2 weeks reported incident to Indiana Attorney General. They are inve


Received call today from motel owner. He offered compensation. We declined. He claims he has had the bed bugs eradicated. Also says that State inspectors are scheduled to check the motel tomorrow.

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