Super 8 Anderson
2215 E 59th St
Anderson, IN 46013-3087

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On 4/24/2014 approximately 1 month since last report I too had the same scenario happen.When I fell asleep I woke up to a huge bug crawling on me. I immediately jumped up and got a cup to put the bug in and took it to the front desk. I had been drinking celebrating a friend's birthday so I was too impaired to drive home and had no money for another room. So i took my on my option. .another room...I checked the room did not see any visible bugs and sat in the chair all night unable to sleep. The

owner refused a refund stating I used his room...I was forced to or risk my life or others driving impaired...This place needs closed down.

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Stayed one night only, 3/24/12.
I always check upon entering a hotel room, but it was quite late and we'd had a long day so we just immediately went to sleep. I woke in the morning to find 2 bugs crawling on my arm. I've never seen bedbugs except in pictures but guessed that is what they were. I ran and got my husband out of the shower and together we tore the bed apart but found no more bugs and no signs of infestation on the mattress, just some small blood spots on the sheets where I had l

ain and been bitten. My husband went and got the manager while I stood under a hot shower trying not to scream. The manager said he had never seen bedbugs but didn't think that is what they were because they cleaned very carefully. He apologized for us being upset and said he would have an exterminator come as soon as possible. He advised he wasn't authorized to give us a refund but would tell the owner and they would contact us. The minute we got home I soaked our clothes, shoes and overnight bag in alcohol and put them in the dryer on high for 3 cycles as a precautionary measure against bringing them into our home. My husband called the owner the next day and he had not been told of the incident but did say he would send us a complete refund which we received just yesterday. Within a few days hundreds of bites appeared on my arms, shoulders, backs, feet and legs and it seems I may be one of the people who are sensitive to them because they are getting progressively worse. My husband's bites didn't show up until several days after but now he too is miserable from the itching. I'm praying my precautions kept us from carrying them into our home, but it will be months before I can be sure. And it will be much longer for me to be comfortable staying in a hotel again. I seem to have lost more than just a few dollars on the horses that weekend.

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