Super 8 Motel St Charles
1520 E Main St
St Charles, IL 60174-2327

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10/24/15 10pm(around) My husband pre-booked this hotel few days before our stay. 1st I noticed missing one bath towel and I went to lobby to ask the receptionist for another one. He said "we are fully and currently all towels are in the wash." This was 1030pm. Then I went back and took a shower, all their towels showed sign of light "yellow" stains. Then I lay down for 10mins and my skins started itchy. I thought it was maybe the soap or the towel and I got 2 more spots all red, itchy and swolle

n (heated skin). This is not right and I jumped up and found and I could see 2 crawling and I went to my husband bed and found 3 more bedbugs crawling after I flipped the pillow. This is terrible experience for me and we had to leave the hotel ASAP in the middle of the night. I could not stand thinking bedbugs ALL over the place. This became health hazards. The receptionist was rude and said he had no idea about their room and nothing they could do. They did not charge us and we went to another hotel 5 mins down and the receptionist there said they have plenty of customer came from there due to bed bugs issue.

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We checked into this hotel on Saturday, October 4. When we first arrived, I did find a bug on the flat sheet, but wasn't aware that it was a bed bug. I did smash the bug and it had blood in it. My husband and I went out to eat, and while we were at dinner. I did some investigating on the internet, and the bug that I had found was in fact a bed bug. When we returned to the room, we didn't know what to do. The hotel was full and was told that they wouldn't change our room because we had alrea

dy used it. Just a few minutes later, my husband spotted 2 more bed bug. Again, when we smashed the bugs, they contained blood. We immediately got packed up and left and checked into another hotel. Of course, when we tried to get our money back, we were told no. This is not to mention that the room was not very clean and there was a smell. Beware of this hotel and especially Room 209!

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May 2012 - stayed a few days and found out much too late we took bugs home with us on suitcases what a horrific cost and inconvenience. stay away from a place unwilling to keep their rooms cleared of these bugs. the cost to get rid of them is astronomical for your home.

Stayed here in March of 2013, and didn't wake up with bites, but 7 days later, had them all along the side that I sleep on. All along the right side of my body. Stay away! They still haven't fixed the problem. Was just staying overnight for a quick event.

We stayed there on October 5 and 6, 2012. I woke up with bug bites all over my body. I was unaware of what they were at the time thinking I had a rash, but the more I looked at my body the more bites I found. I have bites on my arms, stomache, and ankle. I have contacted Super 8 corporate but I am waiting to hear back.

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