Westin Ohare
6100 N River Rd
Rosemont, IL

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I stayed at this hotel for the nights of Sunday, August 9 - Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015. I was there for a work conference.

Monday morning I woke up with about 7-8 small red bites on my torso & upper thighs. Tuesday morning, I had more. And by Wednesday morning, I had even more. The bites itched like crazy. By the time I got home, even more bites had appeared - I even had scabby bite sores up in my hair! I was a total mess. I ended up having an allergic reaction to it all a day later and bro

ke out into an awful, hot rash. Had to go to the ER for a steroid shot, and then to the pharmacy for antibiotics, medicated shampoo, prescription strength Benedryl, and topical cream.

I reported to the Westin but only received a very generic response. There were over 350 who attended my conference, and I've reached out to a few of them, but no one has had a similar experience.

It's been a truly terrible ordeal.

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