Intercontinental Chicago O'Hare
5300 N River Rd
Rosemont, IL 60018-5400

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I stayed at the Intercontinental O'Hare last Friday night. I kept waking up during the night, but couldn't figure out why. I was there for a conferences, and when I started to feel itchy I assumed it was their soap. Until the evening when I noticed bug bites all over my arms and on my ankles. One would not think such a nice hotel would have such an infestation. I called to report and was connected to a 'supervisor' who apologized and told me she would report to her director. I had a message yest

erday, called back and left my number again, but haven't heard anything since. DO NOT STAY THERE!

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I found MANY adult bed bugs in my childs blanky when we left! She is two and has bites all over he little face. I called and told the manager who told me they are bed bug free and have had no problems. I was offered nothing and now have them in my home!

Bed big crawled right up onto my leg. I trapped it in a paper cup and brought it to manager who seemed like he wasn't surprised and offered to comp two nights and move to a new room. Seriously? I may track bed bugs back to my home in NY and they think a comped room is adequate compensation? Do not stay here!!

This hotel has bed bugs!!! I just stayed there with my family for 2 nights. The first morning I woke up with horrible bed bug bites all over my feet and legs.

I told the concierge that they had bed bugs and showed them my bites, and one of them said to me, my family, and the other staff member, "That could very well be because a few weeks ago another guest complained that he got bit by bedbugs as well." Then just 1 min later, the other staff member said, " I have never heard anything about b

ed bugs in this hotel before, Mam, but I will move you to another room." That really disappointed us. How naive and deaf did they think we were? First they tell us that there HAS BEEN an incident there recently, then they tell us that they haven't heard of anything like this happening in their hotel before. What? Please do yourself a favor and cross reference this hotel with bed bugs, and you will see how many complaints there has been recently. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL! All they did was give us 2 complimentary breakfast buffet tickets to shut us up. The food isn't even good there at all and it is a big ripoff.

If they want to have a good rep again, they need to shut down the building for a day or two and remove these bed bugs. I know we will not stay there again. I just hope and pray we didn't travel back home with these bedbugs in our suitcases.

My husband and I have stayed at many fancy hotels, but this is the very first one that we have had a problem with.

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