Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Chicago O'Hare
6600 Mannheim Rd
Rosemont, IL

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On the second night (10-23-20120 at the hotel I woke up with unexplained uncontrollable itching on my left ankle for no reason. I had 7-8 raised looking bites,,i could barely contain the itching.

I did not put two and two together, but cam back home, showed the bites to my husband and we fiqured this must be the case. It is clearly not mosquito weather, I have not been outside at all in the past several weeks.

The hotel room did not look well cleaned-primarily not vacumed well,,there wer

e hairs still on the duvet, and in the bathroom. Yuck!!

There should be Federal investigations into these hotels. Now there is actually a good spend of tax payer money!!

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