Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Roselle, IL
1490 W Lake St
Roselle, IL

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DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL! They have bedbugs! We recently stayed at this hotel while work was being done on our home. I chose this hotel because I had stayed there before 2 years prior. I learned from the staff that it is under new management and that things have changed a lot in regards to cleaning and how the maids are paid. During that time we changed rooms 3 times because we were getting bit in each room. Before making the reservation, I asked the employee who answered the phone if they

had any bed bug problems. Their answer was no. Each time we would change rooms, I asked again, they said no. Not once during our entire stay did I see a maid or an employee vacuum a room or a hallway. I asked an employee about it and they said that they just use a carpet sweeper. To be honest, I never even saw them use that. I did see however, maids going into rooms on the same floor where we were staying dismantle the beds and vacuum and brush the mattresses. I was suspicious so I looked on the internet to see if there were any bed bug reports and saw the one that is here. I was livid because we were all getting bitten during the entire stay in each room we moved to. So, I confronted the General Manager and the reception staff and they denied it again. The General Manager had NO compassion and just brushed it off. We immediately found another hotel and moved out. I had to go to the local laundry mat to wash and dry all of our clothes and I bagged all of our belongings up into plastic garbage bags and threw away all of our luggage. This was a nightmare. Hotels should be held accountable for this and should not get away with it. They obviously knew they had a problem and were trying to hid it from the guests. This is criminal and should have legal consequences. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!

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I stayed there in Jul 7th to Jul 8th, found bedbugs in the room. I contacted with the hotel manager with zero feedback. Finally I got my refund plus several bonus points by bbb complain. But I still need report this issue here. Thanks.

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