Comfort Inn Romeoville
1235 Lakeview Dr
Romeoville, IL 60446

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I checked in to this motel on Wednesday July 24th very late in the evening. I went to my room, number 312, and immediately got on the internet to respond to emaila and send new ones. when I finished I was just about out on my feet and went to bed. Almost immediately I felt bites and tried to sleep dispite being bit, it finally dawned on me that it could be bedbugs and when I jumped out of bed and turned the light on I found one running around on my pillow, another on the bed spread and yet an

other on the wall. I immediately packed my bags, took a shower and washed my hair thoroughly, put on clean clothes and went down to the front desk and told the night person what happened, he assured me I would not be billed for the room and I left immediately even though it was 130 am and drove all the way home to Cleveland, Ohio, I was so upset. I am still upset and angry.

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