Sleep Inn Rockford
725 Clark Dr
Rockford, IL 61107-6627

Found 4 reports:

Checked in to room 323 and immedaitely checked under the mattress. There were a couple bedbugs moving around. There was also what appeared to be dried blood on the mattress but that is another story ... left quickly. Told the person at the receptionb desk and she agree to not charge me a cancellation fee - no questions asked.

Stayed at the Sleep Inn last week (03/15/11) and got bed bug bites all over my arms. I called tonight to report the bites to the hotel and they said they haven't had any complaints and the receptionist didn't know what type of protocol they follow. STAY AWAY!

9/20/2010 i was in room 308 also night before the other report-i also found bed bugs in middle of the night and left, apparently hotel doesn't care as they rented the room the next night-

on september 21st 2010 i got room 308 at this hotel,i was about to go to sleep when i noticed a bug move,i captured this bug and verified it was an adult,i got a refund on room and wwent elsewhere.

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