La Quinta Inn Peru
4389 Venture Dr
Peru, IL 61354-1014

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Found bed bug crawling on my pillow. Notified the front desk. Was offered another room or a refund. Even though it was after midnight I left the establishment and accepted the refund. First time encounter with bed bugs. Was totally freaked out. I drove through the night to get home. Took place on Wednesday July 31 2019.

Dead bedbug found on underside of mattress pad, third floor. Given a second floor room after that. Live bedbug found crawling on my pillow while I was laying on it. Saw it out of the corner of my eye and jumped out of bed. Caught it in a cup. Was a full blown adult reddish brown bedbug. Showed staff. It was crawling around in the bottom of the cup. This was at 3 am. Woke up my children and hightailed it out of there. Slept in a parking lot that night. Went straight to a laundry matt in the morni

ng and dried everything on super high heat before heading home. I spotted this bedbug running across my pillow towards my head, in the glow of my phone! I have saved all the pictures and video of the bugs from both rooms. Had to pay on the way out and ask for a refund the next day from a manager! Was told that they couldn't guarantee that the manager would give a refund, and I was taking my chances by leaving. I did get my night refunded. Was told they were sending me a free nights stay, but they never did.

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I stayed and woke up with bites on my face and arms no respect about it at all I was attacked by bed bugs while I slept so verydisappointexd.........wont be back or referee them to anyone


Found bed bug exoskeleton during bed inspection. Didn't see any live bugs but where there's smoke, there's fire. Got full refund from front desk with no problems.

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