Super 8 Motel
I 57 Hwy 15
Mt Vernon, IL

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Got up in the morning of Sept. 9, 2012, looked in the mirror and thought, "what is that on my shirt?". It was an adult bed bug crawling on me. I called down to the front desk. The desk supervisor/manager was not in yet so clerk asked if she could help. I explained, she was understanding and said she'd have the manager call me as soon as she got in. The desk manager called back about 45 minutes later. She removed all charges for the stay from my bill. She asked if I kept the bed bug I smas

hed (which I had) and if so, asked me to bring it down to her so that she could share it with the exterminator since there are many subspecies of bed bugs and she wanted to ensure that they could see it and identify the type. I took it downstairs in the facial tissue I smashed it with and she immediately tucked it under the counter (or tossed it in the trash under the counter - I wouldn't actually know). She again apologized for my experience and thanked me for letting them know. [note: this location is the same location as the other Super 8 listed for Mt. Vernon so I will copy this review there as well]

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