Country Inn & Suites Manteno
157 Cypress St
Manteno, IL 60950

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Good afternoon, This is the Front Desk Manager for Howard Johnson Inn and Suites. I would like to thank the top review for her concern. After the guest notified us of the possiblity of bedbugs we placed the room and also surrounding rooms out of order so they can be inspected. We had the room inspected by a licensed pest control company and they found no evidence of bed bugs or an infestation. As explained in the email/phone conversation with the guest. I would like to apologize that you felt th

at bed bugs were in one of our rooms but, to this day, there is no evidence that we have any bed bugs.
Thank you

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This motel is now a Howard Johnson Inn & Suites. On Sunday morning at 6am 9/22/2013, I found 2 bedbugs on the bed. When I talked to the staff they were in denial and said that "test strips" were negative. Since then I have broken out in 40+ bites on arms, legs, and neck. The place must be infested. I was only there 6 hours (checked in at midnight the night before)

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