Super 8 Litchfield Il
211 Ohren Dr
Litchfield, IL

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I arrived at the Super 8 in Litchfield on Friday August 19. I checked beneath the comforter and sheets and didn't notice anything other than a few cigarette burns. Upon waking up on Saturday August 20, I noticed (2) bed bugs (tiny, black and reddish bugs) just beneath my shorts on my inner thigh, feasting upon my skin.

I placed them in a cup and immediately took them to the front desk where I asked to see the manager. The desk attendant made it clear that there was a language barrier and just

said "Sorry" over and over again. I returned to my room where I started researching what to do with bed bugs (seeing this was my first experience). After returning from Wal-Mart with my plastic garbage bags, I proceeded to contain all of my belongings until I was in a position to launder all of my clothes and expose my luggage to a high temperature in hopes of killing any bugs that may have made their way into my bags.

I walked up to the front desk to check out. This time, I spoke with a younger woman and immediately asked to speak with a manager. Yet another failed attempt as that manager was not able to speak with me face-to-face and hear what the problem was. I told the desk attendant that we have a problem, I found bed bugs, and at the very least I'm going to have to ask for a refund. I became highly suspicious at this point when the attendant did not even refuse or debate issuing my credit card a refund. Evidently they have had this issue before seeing that this attendant knew exactly what to do.

I exited the motel and waited out front for my ride (because my car broke down the night before). Another hotel employee (I'm assuming a member of the family) who also spoke a few words of english, insisted on bringing me back to Room 116 to show me underneath the mattress that I must have been mistaken, that they themselves didn't see any bugs. I chose to walk away instead of arguing about the evidence that I had brought to the front desk just an hour prior.

I informed the Montgomery County Department of Health of my experience.

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