Super 8 Motel
4141 Timberlake Dr
Granite City, IL 62040-6741

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i checked in sept, 24, 2011 in room 310. i was there a few days and found bed bugs on bed and bites all over me. rooms keep getting rented and problem not solved. we even called a orkin man and he turned it to the orkin corpararion. how can hotels rent us bed bugs

After moving out of one hotel in pontoon beach for bedbugs, we checked in to this location, woke up the next morning and saw them crawling in the bed and had numerous bites. Think twice before staying here.

date: 10/20/09
location: rooms 200 & 202
details: You DONT want to stay here. We found several bugs in the room. My cousin woke up to one crawling on her but didn't realize what it was in the dark. Next morning we found a dead one. My sister woke up with MULTIPLE bites on her neck and fingers. Mom complained at the front desk but got almost ZERO reaction from the man at the front desk [perhaps they already knew about this problem??]. After getting back home, we unloaded everything one

piece of clothing at a time to inspect for the bugs... one somehow got into a seemingly sealed bag. DO NOT mess around with these little creatures!!!!!! When we got to the hotel, the mattresses laying outside should have been an indicator to leave... perhaps they've known about this but aren't informing their guests? Who knows?! Ask them before you pay to stay.

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