Super 8 Geneseo Il
765 W Main St
Geneseo, IL 61254-1503

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We stayed at the Super Eight Motel in Geneseo, Illinois on Saturday, September 18. It was early morning, around 6:00 am, still dark, and the alarm clock started making strange noises. My husband turned the light on by the bed to fix it. Then he turned over to lie back down again and looked at his pillow. Look at this, he said. There was a bedbug on his pillow. We both jumped out of bed and pulled the covers back. We counted at least 6 more--all different sizes.

We immediately got up and got d

ressed. Then my husband took a paper cup and started picked up the bugs from the bed and put them in the cup. We then took them down to the desk and showed it to them and told them what happened. At first they tried to tell us that there's an epidemic and not a whole lot that could be done about it besides having an exterminator every so often. The lady said that she had gone to Alaska last summer and they had bedbugs. I told her that we had gone to Alaska and did not have bugs. Anyway, we said that we were not paying for the room. She said she didn't have authority to cancel the room charge. We told her to call her a manger, and she said that she probably wouldn't be able to get in touch with anyone because it was Sunday. We said that it wasn't just about the money; we thought they needed to be taught a lesson and to do something about it. Anyway, we said we'd call back to check on what she found out.

When we called back, she said that she had gotten in touch with a manager, and we would not be charged for the room. She also said that our room (206) and the surrounding rooms would be closed for two weeks while they had an exterminator come in.

I didn't realize how much of a mess it would be. We had to wash all our clothes in very hot water and then dry them on hot. We did take some to the dry cleaners--even those we didn't wear. We had to vacuum everything--shoes, purse, cosmetic bag, car, etc. We threw the overnight case and hanging clothes bag away. It probably was good we didn't have to pay for the room, because the expense and inconvenience probably made up for it. I only hope that we have gotten rid of them.

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