Super 8 Dwight Il
14 E Northbrook Dr
Dwight, IL 60420-9701

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Below I have provided the long story of what I have endured recently in Dwight, IL. However, my intent in this report is to ensure some unsuspecting future consumer does not walk into a hotel room and experience what I have endured. I am fearful that the hotel's cavalier response to my departure and medical reports is indicative of their response to erradicate the source of the problem.

I travel to various nuclear power plants across the country for work and frequent many hotels throughout

the country. I have been aware of the concern regarding bed bugs, but had been fortunate enough to not encounter them until my stay at a Super 8 Hotel in Dwight, IL. On Friday, April 29th, I was bitten easily over 300 times in one evening (as I was working nights, the evening would have been daytime sleeping hours between 0800 and 1530.) Additionally, I woke to find two of the bugs crawling on the bed. (I had formerly believed the bed bug to be microscopic and wondered at this size, could these actually be bed bugs. Online images confirmed my suspicion.) I sought medical treatment in Morris, IL where the doctor determined that the insect bites were consistent with bed bugs and advised Benadryl, rest and liquids. I resigned from my position at the power plant because the insect bites were swollen, red, highly irritated and itchy and because Benadryl is not an appropriate medicine to take while working in an environment where heightened awareness is required. Upon my resignation, I was scheduled to report to another power plant on Tuesday, May 3rd. I thought the bites would dissipate by then, but they became more pronounced and irritated. I sought treatment at a separate facility near my home in Cedar Rapids, IA where the facilitating doctor informed me that this was the worse case she had ever seen. I received a prednisone shot at the office and was prescribed prednisone oral meds and an antibiotic for infection developing in the bites. Although as of May 5th I am back at work, the social stigma of explaining the ruptures covering my arms, neck, face, and hands as well as the side effects of the prescribed medications is making my employment very difficult. This experience has been an emotional and physical trauma that even the online excerpts of bed bug encounters did not prepare me to endure.

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