Super 8 Crystal Lake
577 Crystal Point Dr
Crystal Lake, IL 60014-8005

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It was October 10th, 2011, and our basement was getting painted with a very smelly paint. I decided to take my dog to this Super 8 motel for the night. At about 11, I felt intense intching. I woke up and saw about 12 bed bugs crawling all over the bed! I screamed, asked the front desk to get me five big black trash bags. I threw my clothes and make up in the trash bags and whipped them outside. I left all magazines, and dog food in there because that wasn't worth taking home. I also left m

y carry on over there - it's not worth the risk of bringing any of that home!!!! The last thing I did was throw myself and the dog in the shower and used the hottest possible setting and I was crying in the shower with the dog. Once I got out I simply wrapped a towel arounfd me and left the hotel that way!!! Yes, I left the hotel naked!! I didn't want to risk putting on any of my possibly contaminated clothes. As soon as I got home (five miles away only) I whipped the towel out into the street and ran naked in the house, took another shower, and then went to the laundramat at one in the morning!!! I used bleach, hot water, and dried everything on the hottest possible setting, and then wiped off all my plastic things I had from the hotel with alcohol. I did everything so carefully! Got back home at 3 in the morning! That was the biggest nightmare of my life!!!!

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I am not sure if we actually encountered "Bed Bugs" but we found bugs in our bed alright!!! We got to our hotel about 9:00 on Friday night May 30, 2010, and I went right to bed b/c I was so tired, but my husband stayed up for a bit. About 11:00 I woke up and felt like something was crawling on me. I called him over (I’m blind w/o contacts and forgot my glasses) and he did find a bug on my pillow, so he killed it and a ton of blood came out. I was all grossed out so I told him he’d better

check to make sure there weren’t others, and when he lifted up my pillow there was a HUGE pile of them!!!! He very calmly said “honey, I think you had better stand up.” They were all over in the bed, and places where they had gotten squished there were little red dots of blood!!

Next thing you know I am sitting in the hotel lobby shaking all over and trying not to vomit while he explains to the marginally-trained night staff of ONE that no way in hell are we staying there and we want our money back, etc.

Luckily, we were able to find another hotel in the same town that was much nicer, but I STILL feel like I have bugs crawling on me all these days later. We had booked through Travelocity and so we had to call them and then they had to call the hotel, etc. Supposedly they are processing a refund right now, but it hasn’t hit my bank account yet. Of course when you call Travelocity you get some guy in some other country who barely speaks English…ugh.

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