Super 8 Chillicothe Il
615 S 4th St
Chillicothe, IL

Found 2 reports:

We checked into the hotel on Feb 18, 2011, into room # 112. We stayed three nights. We didn't notice any bed bugs until morning of Feb 21. We saw a bed bug on the head board. We then lifted the mattress up & saw one more bed bug on the box spring. We checked out immediately after we saw the bed bugs. We notified the owner of the problem.

We are now back home and washing/disinfecting all our clothes, luggage & everything else that we had in the room. I feel that we should be reimbursed for

our stay @ this hotel for all the trouble this has caused us.

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We checked in on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 into room 110. At night, an insect was found on a book. Upon search of the internet, we discovered that it was a bed bug. Removal of the headboard showed more bed bugs, mainly in the late nymph stage. The mattress and box spring did not have much fecal material, and the sheets did not have blood stains. We left the hotel.

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