Westin Michigan Avenue
909 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

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I can assure you they are not bed bugs. I have stayed there a zillion times on business for years as well as many co workers and friends and never had this problem. Also, it is NOT protocol ,you mindless twit ,to write "bed bugs" on a plastic bag over mattresses. I know exactly who this is because this guest broke out in a rash prior to checking in. She had them on her arm before she stayed there. Surveillance was viewed and this was thoroughly investigated, because the guest wanted her entire w

eekend credited totaling over 800 dollars. And, this nut job arrived on a Friday and didn't mention this until she was checking out. After further investigation, this woman is on an "alert" with all hotels I the area because she true this at two other hotels.

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We stayed at the Westin, downtown Chicago from Nov 4 - Nov 5 2011. Room 954. I have 3 bedbug bites on my elbow. We did not stay at any other hotel duting the trip. I have pictures of my elbow. These are bedbug bites, without a doubt! Confirmed by our doctor.

We had to wash everything, leave our suitcase outside. Then there's stuff that cannot be washed and will need to be dry cleaned. I hope we didn't bring any home with us. Time will tell.

Will never stay at the Westin in Chicago again.

I Sow workers taking out about six mattresses covered in plastic with bed bugs written on them in marker .

Found a bedbug on last morning of our stay in the sheets

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