W Hotels-Lakeshore
644 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60611-3017

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I stayed here in August of 2018. I woke up with bites and I didn't know what it was from. The next morning I found a bed bug on my bed. This hotel did not give a shit about anything that occurred. They blamed it on me. They said they would clean my clothes but they didn't. They were very rude. No refund was done on their part. I called AMEX right away. The security and manager was disgusting towards me.

Stayed in this absolute overpriced hotel.cought bedbugs there. Had itchy bites after leaving the hotel and have them now in my apartment. Don't stay there. It is really expensive not well maintained and no breakfast and it us bed bug unfested. I can assure you you won't save any money staying there.

Nov 13-17, 2014
My husband took my two sons on a trip to watch Chicago Bears to the Westin Hotel on Michigan Ave. They stay there ever year as we are Starwood members (which includes the W Hotels)
Room 901.
My son woke up with bumps ans rash on his arms.... He didn't tell my husband, but he told his brother that slept in a roll away. Boys- they didn't think anything of it. He slept with his shirt on the other nights.
When he got home to CA... I saw him with his shirt off and was worried wha

t happened?
Called the hotel - they were not much help.
After having to track many different people down and being on hold long amounts of time...they assured me they would call Orkin.
The next day a message was left they found nothing....Maybe that's how Orkin keeps it's contract with Starwood?
The dermatologist said it looked like bed bug bites when I told her what happened. We used a topical to help rash heal.
I know it's not the hotels fault when travelers bring in bed bugs... But I don't feel they handled it well. We will not return to that hotel and I will be checking all the mattresses when we next stay at a Starwood.

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My family & I just stayed at this location this past weekend & I woke to a bedbug crawling on the sheet. I took a picture & my husband actually gave the bedbug to the person at the front desk. A lady called my husband yesterday to tell him she had someone check the room & could find no bedbugs, but I know what I saw & captured - IT WAS A BEDBUG!!!!!

Stayed at the W Lakeshore first week of April and was getting bites from then on over and over. After being out of town for 5 days, the bites started to go away. And last night saw them in our bed!! I had pest control out here today finally and yes, confirmed case of them. Yuck!!

Stayed 4/21 and 4/22, noticed rash and itchy spots on Wed and thursday. Doctor visit proved they were bedbugs. Stay away !!!

Stayed one night and woke up with a few bites on my neck. Within 3 days I noticed the bites on my shoulder and all over my right arm. They are extremely itchy and are in the classic linear pattern.

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