The Whitehall Hotel
105 E Delaware Pl
Chicago, IL 60611-1403

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Lovely looking hotel and comfortable but I Woke up and started getting itchy with about 40 bedbug bites all over my body, face, arms... Horrible. I called and told them the issue, they told me it would be sorted out.

Bites on my hand are still healing. Definitely check the beds before staying here. (12/3/15)

We stayed at the Whitehall Hotel June 12 - 15,2015 and I did not think to check such a beautiful hotel for bugs. Nor did I notice anything amiss. However, a few days after we returned home, my right arm was covered in bites. When I checked with my dermatologist, he confirmed that these were bed bug bites. Then I found the bed bugs in my bed at home and now we are spending thousands of dollars to exterminate the entire top floor of our house. The exterminator is positive that we picked these

up at the Whitehall since we rarely travel and the timing matches up to the bedbug cycle.

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When we arrived in the room we began to unpack and found a mature bedbug on the comforter. Pretty unusual place for it to be so maybe it traveled in in our suitcase from our travels into the city. The rest of the room looked completely free of bed bugs so we are trying a different room.

I stayed at the Whitehall in January of 2011. The room was lovely, beautifully appointed and clean. We were there 4 nights and not once did I see a bug, (I always check for Bed Bugs) I travel a lot, and stay in many hotels. Trust me, I've seen them and did not see any during my wonderful stay at The Whitehall. I loved the history of this Hotel, the bar is beautiful and intimate. The staff were wonderful and we had a lovely time.

Stayed at The Whitehall 10th floor, from August 9th to 12th and was getting bites all over my arms and back. I first though it was mosquitoes but I never noticed any when I was outside or in the room. Immediately after getting back from my trip went to a walk-in clinic and the doctor confirmed that these were bed bug bites.

Terribly disappointed in a supposedly 4 star hotel that wasn't cheap either...

I had the pleasure of staying in this hotel for 5 nights, April 19-24th, enough time for the scabies to infest both arms, my chest and my back. Shame on me for not wearing a Tshirt to sleep. Only after arriving home did the itching and rashes begin. As a physician I recognized the cause immediately but never before experienced the malady myself, confirmed by my dermatologist. Now I must treat the infestatin with toxic medications, disinfect my own linens, towels, all of the clothing packed in

my suitcase (5 days worth) and hope that I will not experience reoccurances at home AND that no one at home will also be infected. Seeing the other notices about bedbugs in this hotel, I do not understand how it is rated 4 stars. The Chicago Health Department will be notified. I await their response regarding compensation for the medical expenses and the cleaning expenses let alone the discomfort and inconveniences and the humility!!


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I spent two nights at The Whitehall last week and could not have been more pleased with the hotel. The room I was in was spacious, well-appointed, and very comfortable. Having read postings on this site, I did arrive with some trepidation, but upon inspection of the room(bed, chairs, carpet, corners, etc) I saw no evidence of bedbugs, nor did I experience any. I can only share that I was very satisfied with The Whitehall and would definitely stay there again, and most likely will since the me

eting I attended is an annual event.

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My husband and I stayed at the Whitehall on July 5th thru July 8th, checked out on the 9th, 2011. I must say, that I have never been so upset and dissapointed in my life. This had to be the worst experience of our life(hotel life)! The first night room 1001, the sir conditioner did not work, Finally we were moved to room 1401, the shower did not work, ok frustrating but, just move us to a good room. The third night room 1701, everything looked well, worked well, I woke up saw something on my pil

low case, jumped out of bed, I thought is that a bug, I grabbed my camara to magnify it and lord have mercy,BEDBUGS!!!!!!!!!!! I called the office and said get someone up here now, there is BEDBUGS in my bed!!! Three people came up to the room, I was itching and upset. They were going to put the bug, in an envelope and send it for observation, yeah right!!!!! They had to clean all our clothes, luggage everything!!!! We were moved to another room, as this was our last night here, and it was the most uncomfortable night. Oh the room was superb, but at this point it did not matter, the damage was already done. Our anniversary was ruined, the worst vacation I've ever had!!!!! I had bedbug bites all over me, and I scratched nonstop for a few weeks. I contacted my doctor who gave me a prescipition for the itching, and that did not stop the itching. I think the hotel was aware that the problem existed and did not take care of it prior to this inccident. Although, we recieved reimbursement for our hotel and parking, the pain and discomfort was unbearable, and I still am not fully satisfied with the outcome. I assure you, when you experience this, it is hard to get past the discomfort of being bitten!!!! I spent four weeks searching for the right hotel for this vacation, and apparently that was not long enough to find the cleanest hotel!!!!! I have a video of the bugs crawling and I look at it whenever I think of staying at another hotel!!!!BUGS BEWARE~~~~

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We stayed here for two wonderful nights. There were No bedbugs. The room and hotel was very clean. The hotel is older but not in a bad way. Excellent, helpful staff at hotel. A great location, short walk to the beach,shopping and more. We will select Whitehall Hotel for our next visit! The free morning coffee taste soooo good too!

I'm not an employee of the Whitehall but felt the need to come to their defense. My wife and I stayed at the hotel in July and had a great experience. No evidence of bed bugs and we found the hotel to be extremely clean.

I stayed here last August and was so bitten up by bed bugs it looked like my legs had chicken-pox. They were painful and itchy, and did not go away for at least 5 days. My mothetr (who was staying in the other queen bed) was also bit very badly. When she went to the doctor, they immediately asked her what hotel she had been staying at and confirmed that they were bed bug bites.

The Whitehall Hotel prides itself in ensuring the safety and comfort of all our guests when it comes to staying at our hotel. We have a nationally known professional pest control company as our pest control experts. They have trained our engineering and housekeeping staff members on how to proactively inspect rooms thoroughly while conducting daily assignments. Proactively inspecting rooms daily limit the possibility of an occurrence.

If an occurrence is reported to any team member, we i

mmediately secure the room until our pest control company inspects the room and gives us conclusive proof the suspicions were unfounded. All three cases listed on the above resulted with negative results when examining the rooms.

We welcome any future guests to enjoy Chicago’s True Independent Boutique Hotel, The Whitehall.
Please contact the hotel’s executive office if you have any further questions and/or concerns.


Abel Cartagena, Jr.
Operations Manger

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Stayed at this hotel in August 2010 and found bedbugs in my clothes / luggage upon my return home. Unfortunately, some had already escaped into my apartment when by the time I discovered them in the luggage. I managed to catch the infestation early but had to have my place sprayed twice (just to make sure) and live out of garbage bags for about a month.

September 8-10, 2010
17th Floor
I was bitten by bedbugs at this hotel.
The bites became swollen and infected yesterday, September 16, 2010. A doctor confirmed they were bedbugs bites today.
He said sometimes it can take up to two weeks to show up.
This is the only hotel I have stayed at in months, so I am confident the infestation happened here. I just stripped by bed, and noticed dead bugs above my mattress.

I was in the shower, and a flattened dead bedbug fell off. The water turned a slight pink hue, as it ran over the dead bug. I was also able to see dark spots in its abdomen, which I presume were eggs. The dead bed bug washed down the drain.

This happened on or about August 4th 2010.

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