Red Roof Inn Chicago Downtown
162 E Ontario St
Chicago, IL

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We stayed at this hotel for a three week period recently. After the first week we noticed that we had bites on our arms and torso ( which we photographed) we changed rooms but the problem seemed to continue. When I told the front desk of the problem there was absolutely NO surprise or horror whatsoever . They are well aware that they have a huge bed bug problem. We had a guest who visited us but did not sleep in the hotel who was also bitten. This hotel is totally disgusting and has numerous oth

er issues When we checked in the smoke detector was missing and there were just wires hanging from the ceiling. We should have left immediately. It is surprising how his hotel passes any kind of health or safety inspection. Now we are now left dealing with how to handle our luggage so we do not infect our home. This is a hotel where you will remember your stay for a long time. We have stayed at other Red Roof Inns and have not had this problem. Disappointing that they are well aware of the issue and continue just allow customers to become bitten and infested with bed bugs. Disgraceful. Dates stayed Nov 2015-Dec 2015. We refer to it as the Bed Bug Inn.

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Room was filthy, mold in the bathroom. Woke up to bed bugs crawling on the bed and wall. Manager moved our room but not much better. Stayed 5/13- 5/15

Stayed here in November 2014, all four of us returned with bed bugs. Avoid this hotel!!!!!!!

I did not notice anything at the time, but now after bing home for a few days I am noticing rashes. The hotel is very disgusting, I'm sure I brought them home with me

I stayed in room 201 on the 2nd FL. I stayed for one night on Saturday, July 12th to the 11th and I woke up with red dots that were itchy. I paid over $250.00 per night plus $40.00 for parking to get bite by bugs all night. Stay away! Gross!

Stayed in room 1114 for two night the week of June 23 2014. The hotel and room was filthy so I was worried, but since it was two nights only, we stayed. I have had bedbugs before in NYC and am very allergic, so when I developed the swollen, red extremely itchy bites when I was at the airport heading home, I knew it was bedbugs.
As of today, I have two bites, and have nervously not unpacked - keeping my suitcase surrounded by a perimeter of diatomaceous earth.

Whatever you do, DO NOT STA

Y HERE. It is not worth it, and there are much better hotels for the price.

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AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST. Checked into this hotel on Saturday 11/02/2013 in room #410. I laid down to go to sleep, felt my self itching about 2 hours into my slumber and it woke me up. I turned on the lights and to my absolute horror BED BUGS CRAWLING AROUND ON THE SHEETS AND PILLOWS! I ran into the shower, collected my belongings and left immediately. Had to quarantine my belongings and luggage to prevent an infestation in my residence. DO NOT STAY HERE, THEY HAVE BEDBUGS.

July 14, 2013. We had three rooms but only one possible infestation. One member of our group has suspicious bites around his waist and on his arms and legs.

This place should be shut down!! It is INFESTED.. My company rented me a room here trying to save money but boy did it come back to bite me in the ass (literally)..Whomever "the bug expert" is that said you dont see bed bug bites within a day is sadly mistaken. I stayed here only one night in a multi unit and the next day i had atleast 50 different bites all over arms, legs and neck. I must be very sensitive to these bed bugs cause within a day these bites had my skin extremely swollen, inflamed

, and itchy. Im so glad this site exists, reading other peoples comments have only confirmed my belief that Red Roof Inn needs to either be shut down or nuked with pesticide.
I do not recommend this place to even my worst enemy.

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I am too p... off me and a friend of mine checked into the this Red Roof location on Friday 8/31. On Saturda evening while out to dinner I noticed red spots on the back of her forearm all in a linear position. She said that they itch but we wanted to believe that maybe she was having a allergic reaction to something. When we arrived back to the hotel we found tha she had broke out all on her back and shoulders. We immediately contacted the front desk which offered us a refund to go somewhere els

e because the where sold out of rooms. However approximately 15 mins later the hotel manager called back and said they had 1 room left that we could change to. To make a long story short we traveled from Michigan on a bus trip and during our stay I hadno symtoms. However come the following Wednesday I'm all broke out from my neck to my butt and want a full refund for the inconvience this has caused me and my friend!

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I checked in on labor day weekend Friday August31st the next day approximately 6 in the evening my arm began to itch. My roomate noticed a row of red spots on arm. I went back to my hotel room and looked in the mirror I was horrified at what I saw I had red spot on my upper shoulder and back area that itch sooooo badly. I googled bed bugs and I regconized the spots I had were the same as in the pictures. I called the front desk and the manager Hedi offered me a refund for 1 day not for both days

I was there. I had 30 bites!!! I would never recomend any stay there

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Stayed here Feb 18. Noticed a couple of bites on my neck the next day...didnt think anything of it. I now have bed bugs in my home! Havent stayed any other place since so I suspect thats where there from.

Stayed here late January and have been troubled by bedbugs since. I would NEVER have stayed here if I knew..

I stayed here and apparently took some bugs home with me. I had a few bites when I left the hotel but I didn't think anything of them. After a month or two at was obvious that I had taken bed bugs home with me. Such a pain to get rid of!

Myself along with approximately 7-8 others have stayed at Red Roof every year for the past 5+ years and have had a nice experience and enjoy our time in Chicago shopping along the Magnificent Mile and always choose the Red Roof because of it's great location. Apparently this past year we were too complacent with the hotel and the staff because one of us picked up a straggling bed bug(s) and brought it home and it ended up in my house and I'm now pulling money I don't have out of my a$$ to pay fo

r the extermination fees and not to mention the electric bill! Getting rid of these pests is a ton of work and costs a bundle. Plus, I'm the only one affected by bites and not only do they itch, but they hurt! I know I will NOT be staying here, or any other hotel in Chicago for that matter, this coming November even though one of the members of our ladies group has already rented the same room as always. I'm pretty sure the room was 507...or maybe 307. Either way it ended with 07 and it was a large suite. In 2009 the front area had a nice sized pull out couch that two of us could share, but in 2010 they switched it to a very small couch. I couldn't even fully stretch out on it and my arms hung off the sides. Called to complain and they promised a new bed in 2011. Sure enough there was a new full size pull out. Hmmm...starting to sound a little fishy, huh?

Either way, I have never had bed bugs in my whole entire life and this past month has not only made me almost lose my sanity and go through money like no other, it has also made me not want to travel so I guess I could say this hotel has caused me to not want to visit Chicago for a very, very, very long time. So for those of you staying please, please, PLEASE make sure to check the seams of anything and everything that surrounds the bed: pillows, sheets, blankets, mattress, chairs...anything. Check behind the headboard and any crack or crevice around the bed frame. Check behind the tvs and IN the tvs if possible. Check in the phones (yes in the phones. they can live in electronics) and behind picture frames. If you can put a piece of paper in a hole...there's more than likely a clan of bugs in there...adults are the size of apple seeds and are extremely flat. Do it for your sanity!

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As a profesional in the bug buisness I would like to point out that bed bug bites do not show up within hrs of being bitten. It sometimes can take up to 5 days. Bed bugs inject their host before biting them with a material that numbs the area. This takes a few days to go away and that is why bites don't show up quickly. So when you say you were in a room for 3 hrs or woke up the first night with bites it is a false statement. You most likely had them at home or a previous hotel.

12/12/2011 Large group stayed here and at least 2 people were bitten by bed bugs and 3 bugs were seen. The rooms with incidents were moved to a different floor. Do not book here!

This hotel had a US Supreme Court ruling against them regarding bed bugs.


I checked in to the hotel in the early evening and took a nap since I was tired after a long flight. I woke up around 9pm and had bites on my arms.

I showed the bites to the staff and told them I couldn't stay there. They were very apologetic, although apologies only go so far when it comes to something like this. They agreed to give me a refund, and I moved to another hotel immediately.

My fingers are crossed that my card doesn't get charged anyway, and that my luggage

didn't pick up any "hitch-hikers" during the three hours I was there...

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I stayed at this location on the March 12. When I woke up I had a few bug bites on my back. I was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Later in the day I started swelling and the bug bites are hurting. I called the hotel to complain and they wouldn't do anything until I got a report from a doctor and I don't have good health insurance. I also was told I have to throw away my luggage which was all designer luggage. I asked the hotel what they were going to do for me and they basically told m

e as of right now they won't do anything. This is the second day now and the bites are swelling more and they are very itchy.

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Stayed in a double room March 12 for St Pattys Day weekend. Woke up in the morning itching my arm and had bites all over my face and arms. I slept in pants socks and a Tshirt so my arms and face were bare. I've had bites before and I'm allergic.

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