Marriott Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile
540 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL
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Stayed there 3 nights. From Dec 25, 2015 to Dec 28, 2015. I got bitten by bed bugs all over my left hand, right arm and left leg.After I left the hotel, I called them, they got the room inspected by third party and found bugs. I got full refund. Never gonna stay there ever again. They ruined what was supposed to be my long awaited wonderful vacations.

I just stayed at the Marriott Chicago Downtown. I stayed there last weekend February 19 and February 20, 2015 Both nights I stayed there I had trouble sleeping because I was so itchy. I thought maybe I was allergic to the sheets or something. After I got home on Sunday I started noticing all of these bites all over the backs of my legs and on my hands and some on my face. After looking up the bites on line, I now know that I have bed bug bites. I think I must be allergic to them because th

e areas where I have the bites are hard, swollen, Itching like crazy, and some are blistery. My hands are swollen and painful and the backs of thighs are all bitten up and swollen and painful and just so itchy. I wish I would have checked this site before staying there because I would have gone somewhere else. This is awful !!! I stayed in room 2527

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I stayed here on 9/14/14. I woke up on 9/15 to find bugs crawling on my pillow. Security came and took pix of the bugs crawling. We killed at least 3 of them. 3 days later I had bites and a terrible rash all over my body and had to go to urgent care. It was the worse experience ever!

My wife and I stayed at the Marriot Chicago in early April, 2013
When my wife awoke in the morning, she was covered with insect bites I took pictures.
We stayed in room 2325
Security came up and did a cursory exam of the room
We were moved to a different floor.
Our clothes were cleaned.
They gave us a free breakfast. All of this went well, until we were contacted by a person from the hotel named Kyle. Mostly, he seemed to want to know if we were going to take legal action.
I notice, fr

om this website, that the room adjacent to our room also had a bedbug problem. Kyle never mentioned any of this to us.
The initial reaction of the Marriot hotel systems was good, but their follow up has been terrible. Mostly, Kyle seems to to avoid my phone calls. I believe that the hotel has problems with bedbugs, but their lack of good follow up information has been indicative of
"hiding information"

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I spent 4 nights in room 2326 and came home with bite marks on my arm and back off legs. I had them on my neck the first night but thought is was just a nick from shaving. I can show you pictures on my leg since it is the worse if you need proof. The cleaning ladies were great but I did not request clean sheets everyday. Lesson learned!!

I stayed for 3 nights - checked in November 16, 2012 and woke up that Monday morning to 5 bug bites on my legs that were extremely itchy. I had never experienced anything like this before and was kind of scared and didn't know why it would only be present on the last morning of my stay. I was in denial that they were bed bugs, but after investigating online the bites were consistant with bed bugs. I never acutally saw a bed bug - as I was thinking to blame it on my dry skin, but after a day o

r two it did not look like dry skin, but very much like bug bites and the iching got worse. On January 17, 2013 I can still see the scars on my leg from the bed bugs - totally not just dry skin. I am still really scared that I may have brought them home. Scared that I may have to stay at this hotel again for another conference in the future.

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I posted a very similiar story to the ones above and it was removed. I stayed over night 2 years ago and woke up with trio of bites on my leg. After one night we left-- The hotel sent me a letter reporting after looking "nothing was found." I think it is so interesting that in all these cases "nothing is found." Their denial makes me think that the problem is covered up. The hotel goes through the right motions.They heard about my case and sent me a letter back. I think it should be up to the co

nsumer to decide where to stay. This is one of my favorite cities in the world. The next time I go it will be at a friend's house.

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June 22-June 26th 2012 wife had bites all over legs on 4th night at hotel. Woke up itching at 2am. Reported at 8am and Hotel security put us in another room and had company come to investigate. They Dry cleaned our clothes for us. Bought us two samsonite luggage bags and bought us lunch. They said no bugs were found but wife's legs tell another story. I felt they did help as much as possible.

I submitted a report to this location back in August 2011 & noticed it missing. Of course the hotel staff want it removed since it will upset people to see any complaints of bed bugs. To repeat my story-- I woke up with a trio of bites on my leg after staying here and did report it to management. I did get a written report back 1 month later that stated they "found nothing." I think it is so interesting that the staff found nothing- how do you explain the classic trio of bites on my leg? It seem

s that the only way to get any hotel to admit bed bugs is to actually capture one. Regardless I won't stay at this hotel again-- because in my opinion the trio of bites-- in a line-- on my leg came from someplace. When I looked on the web the bites are classic for bed bugs. I think it is only fair that the consumer gets to make the choice on staying at this hotel or not. The next time I return to one of my favorite cities I will stay with a friend.

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Stayed at Marriott Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile
between Oct25-Oct28 2011. I couldnt sleep in the night due to itching in my legs and next day i noticed red spots and looked up images in internet that match that of a bedbug bite.

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