540 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, 60611
Chicago, IL

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My husband, son, and I stayed one night at this hotel. I did not see any sign of bugs. I did a brief search of the bed, head board, and mattress and found nothing. I didn't even sleep in the bed. I slept on top of it (same bed as hubby & son) and used a spare blanket from the closet. I woke up and had a ring of several red welts on my leg. My husband was fine. My son had 2 red welts on his neck. I contacted hotel management and they were very nice. They were professional and even assigned me a c

ase number and told me they would get back to me with the results of their findings. This was over a month ago-- I left messages but am getting blown off. I would love to say that this hotel does not have bed bugs; however, their lack of response to me leaves me doubtful--- I won't stay here again due to the lack of follow up from hotel management. My husband is a Platinum member of Marriott. We are disappointed.

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