La Quinta Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown
1 S Franklin St
Chicago, IL

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Zero stars...BED BUGS!!! 🤮

Infested with bed bugs and absolutely NOT accommodating at all. My sister got bit our first night stay ALL over her body...arms, hands, back, butt, legs, face!!! Room #811. Moved to a new room then our other friends found old dried eggs on their box spring in another room. Packed up late night to move to a totally new hotel because we were too uncomfortable to stay another night and went to a new hotel.

At La Quinta Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown, we take reports of bed bugs very seriously. We want all of our guests to feel assured, settled in and optimistic with each and every visit. In response to both reports dated 1/11/2016, there were two reports of bedbugs that evening. We did address the issues immediately by having 3 managers inspect the rooms thoroughly, finding to trace of bedbugs, followed by an immediate call to Ecolab to schedule a professional inspection ASAP. We offered to mov

e the guests to other rooms as a precautionary measure, but both refused to stay in the hotel. The following morning, Ecolab arrived at the hotel, thoroughly and professionally inspected both rooms in question, and reported that both rooms (902 and 526) "had no pest activity, no structural findings, no sanitation findings, no preparation findings and that no activity of any kind was found. this room may be put back together and released. No bed bug activity noted during inspection." So, at the end of the day, both reports dated 01/11/2016 on this site were false.

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Checked in on Jan. 11 and found bed bugs immediately. Reported to management and checked out. Management very defensive and not understanding over how upset I was. Never stay here!

Checked in on 1/11/2016.

Within five minutes saw bed bugs when pulled down blanket.

Left hotel.

Saw bedbugs when pulled back sheet. Checked out of hotel.

Stayed there on 1/8/16 and woke up to three or four bed bugs on the pillows around my head. Lifted the mattress and saw several more. Was not infested, but disturbing wake-up call nonetheless.

I always check for bed bugs and have stayed at this location many times. This is the first incident.

Hopefully this will be the only incident.

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