Inn of Chicago Magnificent Mile
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Chicago, IL 60611

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I stayed at the Inn of Chicago for two nights starting May 8th and am covered in bed-bug bites. Despite notifying management and the front desk, nothing was done, nor was I offered a refund or some sort of compensation.

Moreover, they don't even have duvet covers - they use sheets as such, in addition to a very dirty overall facility.

Be very careful which hotels you are sleeping in!

I was in town for a conference & stayed her for 4 nights with my significant other- we both woke up after the first night with our faces/ arms covered in itchy red marks. We had a busy day ahead of us & didn't think to complain to the front desk so we continued through our day & slept the 2nd night in the same room. The next morning we woke up with even more red marks on our faces, arms & hands! I did some research & found this hotel has complaints of bed bugs in the recent past. I complained to

the management about the bites & they immediately moved us to a much larger suite on the same floor. They were very nice & helpful & even said they'd get an exterminator in within the next couple of days to tell us the "results" from our bug bites. After the move to the new room we didn't spot any new bite marks the next morning but I was so freaked out by these bugs I couldn't sleep! The front desk also said this happens frequently in Chicago hotels (EWW!!). I'm so disgusted I'd never stay here again. My advice, spend a little more to get a hotel that is not on It's been weeks since our trip & I still have marks on my arms & am traumatized from our bed bug experience.

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i am currently staying at this hotel and would like to address my comments to the person who did not report his bed bug encounter. Thank you for putting the hotels next guest at risk.Of course the hotel has done nothing.....they don't know about the problem. Lets face facts. Bed bugs are here to stay.We have been in two hotels with them (a three star and a five star) in two different states over the last two years We brought them home with us the first time and spent three thousand dollars era

dicating them from our house. The only way to fight bed bugs is to diligently heat treat all travel items before they reenter your house and report all encounters to hotel management so they can address the issue. In both cases I was very pleased by management response.....especially the JW Marriot in Indianapolis. You don't report bedbugs so you can get a discount on your next trip. You report them so the next person in that room doesn't have the same problem you did. Its called paying it forward.

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Stayed at the Inn of Chicago over 4th of July 2014. My wife woke up the first morning and had bed bug bites on her leg. We checked out the next day. She had them on both sides of the back of her neck. Now its a week later and she still has the red swollen areas. Didn't report it to the front desk because we knew nothing would happen. Get what you pay for!!

Bed bugs in my room woke up at three am. Now I'm covered in swollen bites. Reported it to the front desk and nothing. Told me they havent had any reports of bed bugs. When i checked online I found several reports of bed bugs.Management didnt even bother to contact me.

I have stayed at the Inn of Chicago twice now, once a few years ago and again a few months ago. Both times, I came home with bed bugs in my bag and have since spent over a thousand dollars on extermination ($600 for a treatment). My only guess would be that this hotel is completely infested. The carpets in my room were filthy and appeared to not have been vacuumed in many weeks/months. My advice would be to stay far away from this hotel at all costs. Spend a little bit more on a nice, clean ho


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Checked in on Oct. 18th 2011 and there was a bed bug on the pillow. Management offered a different room but that was not an option for us.

Dear Guest,

Thank you for sharing your concerns, we take your comments very seriously. At the Inn of Chicago, the comfort and safety of our guests is our top priority. For this reason, we have partnered with a state certified organization to implement a robust preventative maintenance regimen. It is our strict policy to follow all state and local guidelines and requirements when possible occurrences are reported.

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Bed Bugs in my room!!!!

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