Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 E Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 00000

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This hotel is beautiful and I initially would have never suspected bed bugs. However, we've just returned from our trip and we have some itchy welted bites on our bodies after a few nights at this hotel. I have a couple of terrible massive sores on my fingers. My only guess is that it could be bed bugs. I don't mean to slander any business but I believe that this is bedbugs. Luckily, we made the connection before going into our house and we've thrown out most of our things and that which

we have to keep, we are busy washing and drying for 90 minutes all over.

Dates of stay are 11/24/2015 to 11/26/2015

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A hotel can't control whether someone brings in bedbugs, but it can certainly control how those situations are handled. I always call a hotel before I stay there. The Asst Director of Rooms at he Hyatt candidly told me that there had been a report from a guest this March 2015. They had immediately taken that room and the ones above, below, and to either side out of service, as they do whether it is a reported or confirmed case. Ecolab does a full inspection. If nothing is found, these rooms are

tracked and inspected more frequently. If bugs are confirmed, then they treat the room four times within seven days. Ecolab does random monthly checks.
I am a traveler, with no professional or other kind of relationship with Hyatt.

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October 10-13, 19th Floor, we noticed bug bites but pass them off as spiders because we could not find anything on the sheets or mattresses. Bites continued to appear after we left the hotel. Washed all clothes and steamed luggage upon return home. 3 weeks later, first bed bug spotted in home.

My family and I stayed at this hotel at the end of July 2013. While we did not notice any bites during the course of our stay (mainly because I had no idea what to even watch for), within 3 months of coming home our youngest son began breaking out in what appeared to be hives. After months of taking him to doctor after doctor and treating his "mystery rash", we finally discovered massive amounts of bed bugs in his bedroom/mattress/dresser. Boy do I wish I had known of this website back in July!

My son is allergic to bed bugs and is now covered head to toe in a horrible rash that is not responding to ANYTHING! I have now spent over $2,000 on doctor bills, extermination costs, new furniture and laundry bills to eradicate this parasite.

I did verify with my exterminator that the time frame is correct as far as when we stayed at the Hyatt Regency and when my son first started experiencing numerous amounts of bites. It takes approximately 2-4 months for bed bugs that have hitchhiked home with you to reproduce to numbers great enough to detect, and since this is the only place we have stayed before or after in over a year, I am absolutely 100% certain that this is where our bed bugs came from.

Please, please, please check your room, bed and walls thoroughly if you choose to stay here, or any hotel, and use the luggage racks to keep your belongings off the bed and floor.

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On behalf of Hyatt Regency Chicago, we want to reach out to you regarding your stay earlier this month. Once we learned of your concerns, we immediately removed the guest room from service and contacted a nationally recognized pest control expert to inspect and treat the room. As an additional precaution, we also closed the adjacent rooms, including the rooms on either side, as well as above and below your guest room until they could also be inspected and treated.
The safety of our guests and

the cleanliness of our facilities are top priorities. We pride ourselves on keeping our teams equipped with the knowledge, training and tools needed to identify and address any issues, and we endeavor to ensure that every guest at our hotel enjoys a safe, clean and comfortable environment during their stay with us.

I will be following up with you directly to discuss further.

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Room 2580. March 5, 2013. Thirty bites. Reported at front desk but no follow up yet.

Room 630 , woke up this morning with bites and
bloodspots all over my right side of bed.
Bed Bugs crawling all over my bed.
Proof is in Video and picture - also Security
personell saw the bugs.
Waiting for the Hotel to contact me later on today
before making any further claims.
Was moved into another room.
Have samples and Video / Pictures

Family stayed in this hotel March 28-30, 2012, Room 1682. Returned home to find daughter's back and hips covered with bug bites.

I too travel a significant amount for my business and stay at this Hyatt at least once a month. It is one of my favorite places to stay the staff is fantastic the rooms are great and I have never seen as much as a trace of a bed bug. I reference every hotel I check into on this site before I make a Rsvp. I also have a 20 minute routine of checking every room I stay in before I ever take my bags into the room. I have checked out of 6 rooms this year alone because I have found bed bugs or signs

of them. I am very keen s to what to look for. In owning a managing many apartment buildings these pests are something we deal with on a daily basis. This is a very well-run hotel and I will continue to stay there when in Chicago.

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The Bedbug Registry is a very important resource for me as I travel for over 80% of my business. The integrity of the site I find invaluable. I did stay at this Hyatt Regency on May 4th and 5th of 2011. I cannot attest to the complaints of the previous entry, but I can say that my room was clean and I experienced no bedbug issues. There was also a large Radiology convention taking place at the hotel and none of the Doctors I spoke with experienced any discomfort. I can recommend this locati

on and plan on staying here for my next visit in the coming months.

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We take any guest complaint very seriously, especially when it relates to our guests' well being. As we previously informed you, once we learned of your concerns, we immediately contacted a nationally recognized pest control expert, Ecolab, to conduct a thorough examination of your guestroom. This inspection failed to find any trace of bed bugs. In this particular case, despite the negative findings by Ecolab, a gesture of good will was made to you. We want to exceed our guests’ expectations,

and it is our goal for each of our guests to enjoy a safe, clean and comfortable environment in our hotel. If you would like to discuss this matter with me further, please contact me directly at your convenience.

- Amy Houlihan, Quality Assurance
Hyatt Regency Chicago

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Woke up on Friday morning and was coated with bedbug bites. Hotel claimed that an inspection of my room 3225 resulted in no findings. The red bites all over my can't be disputed.

They refunded my stay...uh, I think that's proof enough

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