Howard Johnson Downtown
720 N La Salle Dr
Chicago, IL 60610

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6/6/2014 Just checked out of hotel at 2:30 am because as I was getting ready for bed notice bed bugs. Front desk said there was nothing they could do because they were fully booked. Won't be visiting this chain again.

I stayed 3 nights at this hotel during the Chicago marathon. While I did think it wAs and checked for bed bugs, I didn't see any during my cursory inspection. However, when I returned home, I found that I have at least 2 dozen bites on my body. Not a good place to stay! My advice is to not choose this hotel, even for the decent price. I guess you get. What you pay for.

We just stayed 3 nights in connection with the Chicago Marathon and had NO problems whatsoever. We stayed in the building on the parking lot, room 301. Spacious room and no bedbugs. Sure, it's old and very worn but you can't beat the location/price combination.

We stayed at HJ on Aug 6th 2010 and we slept in a room located over the office.
We didn't have any problems and we found a clean room and kind people at the desk.

I stayed there June 24 - 25, 2011. I was there for a conference and could not get another location. I figured I might have a problem since it was 2 stars but there was no place else for me to stay.
However, I will NEVER stay there again. My legs are bitten and my stomach as well. I looked at the sheets and mattress when I arrived but could not see any droppings but of course they come out in the dark. I have about a dozen bites on my legs and maybe 6 - 8 on my abdomen. I took all of my clothes

and washed them in hot water and did an alcohol sweep down in my suitcase. ugh!

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We stayed one night at the Downtown Howard Johnson in Chicago on June 7, 2001. The next morning the skin on my stomach started itching badly. I thought it might have been mosquito bites and let it go at that. But the itching increased and wouldn't stop. It was then I really took notice of the type of bite and it wasn't a mosquito. When we got home I researched bed bug bites and found pictures similiar to the ones I have on my stomach.

I will notify the hotel and hopefully they will do

something about this, but just in case this is a warning to anyone who might be staying there.

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