Hotel Allegro Chicago
171 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60601-3121

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Stayed at the Kimpton 1/17 through 1/20. Did not see any bedbugs, but as of 1/28, bedbugs in my house. This is the only hotel I have stayed in for the last 3 months. I have not introduced any new (or used) furniture items into the home. Q.E.D.

I stayed at the hotel night of 1/11/16. On the 18th floor of the building. I saw two bugs, with my naked eye, crawling on my bed! I called the front desk and they moved me to a room on the 12th floor. I asked the employee whether they had had issues in the past and her response was, "...not lately." Not a good sign. I found another bug in my second room on the 12th floor! They did comp my room but who cares! Praying I didn't bring these critters home with me. Avoid this hotel!!!

I arrived 9/3 until 9/6 room 1816.
During the first night I felt itchy bites in my legs and hand and thought it is a mosquito bites. Bed bugs bites didn't run in my mind. Second night the same etc. I could see some "bites" on my legs and hands but didn't realize the head to come.
2 days after, at home, my legs and my hands looks like all bitten havealy, itchy like hell. I read in Google and identify it as bed bugs bites. Tryed cortisone etc... Didn't help. Yesterday, as it become impossible a

nd looks really bad, my wife forced me to gontontge ER. The Dr. Immediately identified it as bed bugs bites and said I'm probably very sensitive to this type of bites. Trited with Steroids and Triamcinolone for nine days, hope this nightmare will over. To be very clear - we have no bed bugs in our home not before nor after my visit in this hotel. Also no other family members got any bites (and the kids are very sensitive ).

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