Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare Area
5615 N Cumberland Ave
Chicago, IL 60631

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Stayed in room 1020. On November 19 th. In bed felt a bite on chest. Looked down and grabbed what I thought was a bug. Killed bug put on white paper on night stand. Looked up on Internet and looked like a bed bug. Packed up stuff went to front desk they said yes that is a bb code for bed bug. They did not act surprised by this Moved me to different room. And had maintenance put all my belongings in dryer to kill any possible bugs. Also gave me a bunch of free points since booked thru Priceline

Went thru ever inch of brief case and bag to make sure. Luckily I always put my stuff on hard surface and nothing on bed. I put all my stuff in bathtub. Have heard that is safest place to avoid bed bugs Will not bring bags in house when get home. Everything in garbage bag and directly in dryer then wash machine. I always check cracks under bed for bb's

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Just found bed bugs and got bitten in room 320 on 10/15/15.

Got bitten in Room 703 on 8/27/15. Assumed they were mosquito bites at first, since they look similar and it is mosquito season. It was only after we got home and I noticed bites in the characteristic straight line that I realized they might be bed bugs. We had professional pest control come and they found bed bug shell casings in our mattress and confirmed my bites are bed bugs. We now have to treat our whole house. Beware!! Especially of rooms near 703 (there are online reports from sever

al months ago about problems in Room 705).'Hare Not sure why this listing is separate but all the recent reports are here.

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woke up this morning and found a blood stain on the bed by the pillow. Upon pulling back the covers, found an adult bed bug!

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