Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare
5615 N Cumberland Ave
Chicago, IL 60631-2915

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Just found bed bugs and bitten in room 320 on 10/15/15

Got bitten in Room 703 on 8/27/15. Assumed they were mosquito bites at first, since they look similar and it is mosquito season. It was only after we got home and I noticed bites in the characteristic straight line that I realized they might be bed bugs. We had professional pest control come and they found bed bug shell casings in our mattress and confirmed my bites are bed bugs. We now have to treat our whole house. Beware!! Especially of rooms near 703 (see below complaints about problems

in Room 705).

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Long time Holiday Inn customer and multi-year Platinum. In short, HI is my go to chain for many, many years. I have to re-evaluate now.

Woke up in the morning of first night with blood stain on the sheets. A minute or two later, found my first fully grown bed bug. Took pictures of both. Room was on the 8th floor, room 815 or 817.

I stayed in #705 Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare on 9/26.
I got bites terriblely and found bugs in my bed next morning.
According to previous post, the hotel already knew #705 had bed bug. How could they sell a bed bug room to customer.

If you lived in the same room and got bites, please contact me.

Stayed in room 705 last week - woke up and found two little bugs in my bed. I caught them and called the front desk, they said they'd send someone. I had to call back to get that person to come up. In the mean time, I looked up some pictures and these looked like juveniles. One bug escaped, and the other was whisked away to be identified. Hotel took a week to get back to me about what the exterminator said (I was told they'd call same-day) and told me they were mosquitoes.Unlikely, as young mosq

uitoes live in water and I found a large bed bug in my bag when I got home. Not happy with how this was handled.

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I stayed in Room 714 from Thursday October 20, 2011 until Sunday morning October 23. Friday morning I noticed that my hands and elbows were really itchy and and had red blotches almost like hives. Thought it might have been the hotel's lotion that I used on my hands and elbows. Later that day, went to thier convenience store and bought a name brand lotion to use. On saturday morning, I noticed the same itchy, red blotches on my stomach. There were three and in a linear pattern. I thought that wa

s weird and it was apparent they were bites but at this point I didnt know where I had received them. Sunday morning it was more apparent because I woke up to more bites on my lower back and a few towards my neck. I left on an early morning flight so when I arrived home I went straight to Urgent Care where I was diagnosed with bed bug bites. I called the hotel immediately to inform them to not let anyone stay in this bed because it is infested. Thier General Manager is out until the end of this week and supposedly the assistant GM will be calling me soon. They say they take this very seriously however it is Monday and I still havent heard from anyone on thier management team. I am about to call thier corporate office and complain. I thought I would share my story because I do not want this to happen to anyone. I am itchy and completely miserable today. Not only that, but I had to spend my Sunday doing loads of laundry, vacuuming and threw my luggage away because bed bugs can travel in clothes and luggage. Its a nightmare. I fear that they traveled with me to my home and am praying that I took the necessary precautions to insure they if they did travel on my suitcase that they are dead now. Like I said I do not want this to happen to anyone. I hope the hotel responds quickly.

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