Hazelton Llc
851 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-1408

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I am the property manager of the Hazelton there were negative comments made that tried to defame my character. I have been here for over 10 years. I have always had the best interest of my tenants at heart. I have always been professional and the person that made the previous comments did so because the individual was lashing out due to them not following the rules and regulations of the building and or not paying their rent in a timely fashion. And in closing if one doesn't have anything posi

tive to post. Please do not make up false statements signed the property manager.

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Dec.22/14 it's no wonder there are roaches and bed bugs,all the rooms are filthy!there is one crazy resident who's room looks like a landfill.there are rooms with mold on walls. But no one cares. Avoid this place.I moved here, and got bites,and found them on mattress, I spray and took care of it myself. Post about bad management was accurate.

Am also a caseworker in this building and dept of health needs to shut this building and business down! It is too unsanitary to come here again

invested with bed bugs, roaches and rats building needs to be condemned

STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING Not only is it infected with bed bugs, but rats and mice run throughout the walls daily Management is a joke and a guy named Sam just wants to screw any pretty girl that comes in the building the maintenance is a bigger joke and perverts I lived there and moved and I witnessed a guy named Darnell harassed a young lady in the bathroom and threatened her the property manager did nothing but defend the guy and talked about that young lady so bad she left This buil

ding needs to be shut down and all the staff needs to be fired

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I can't vouch for anything, but this building is the last place my father, Bart Hamel, was known to have lived. That was in 1968. If anyone out there knows this man, or what became of him, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks.

I am a case worker and can vouch that this place is INFESTED with bed bugs!

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