Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
230 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

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May 8, 2015: we stayed at this hotel for our wedding and within a month of coming home, our bedroom was infested with bed bugs. We had no idea what a bed bug even looked like up until now and we have been fighting to get rid of them ever since with multiple exterminations. Only our bedroom was infested, none of our kids' rooms so we knew it was us that brought them home. We had no family or friends that had them and this hotel was the only place we had traveled to in a very long time. Please bew

are if you stay here! Check your beds!

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I stayed here in August for a girl trip. The morning we left we saw a large adult bed bug on one of the beds. We contacted the front desk immediately. Head of house keeping came in and flipped one of the beds but not the other. They had the room inspected by an outside company. The hotel sent me the report that said there was no evidence of bed bugs and refunded all of our money along with parking. This experience has made me not want to travel ever again.

Our family stayed at the Hard Rock during the last week of March 2015 for our spring break trip. We had two rooms, right next door to each other and stayed for 3 days. My husband and I noticed bites on our arms and legs the next day and itching like crazy, but attributed it to something else. We had no clue what it was.
We got home and then noticed that the same bites were appearing on us at our home! We had bed bugs! I'm sure from everything I've read about them that you can carry them home i

n your suitcases if they are left on the floor, which ours was the whole trip! NEVER EVER AGAIN! This makes us never want to take another trip and stay in a hotel!!! We paid well over $800 to stay for the 3 days and get bed bugs?!?! Really?!?!?!?!

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I stayed there on Thursday night (May.7) for an interview. I was waken up by some paining and itching feelings. Then I found 3 big red bumps on my belly. I rushed to take a bath, but get more itching and red bumps next day.
I took several pictures with these red bumps. Bad experience.

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