Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Chicago Downt
216 E Ontario St
Chicago, IL 60611-3205

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I stayed in this hotel a few weeks ago. I started to notice that I had random bumps show up on my body. I started to do some research and found out that it was bed bugs! I would not recommend staying here. I just hope I don't have them at home now!

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I stayed in room 902 on 11/11/11 and received numerous welps and bites mostly around the waist, groin, back and under the arms.

We stayed in sept of 2011 and two of us had bed bug bites after sleeping at this hotel. Daughter now thinks she is going to be bit by bugs at home in bed. Not a fun experience at all.

We stayed at this hotel in late July, 2011 and did not have any bed bug problems. The staff was very friendly and courteous, and although the hotel was not the most luxurious, the convenience and the location more than made up any shortcoming and it was clean. Don't be afraid to stay there, at least for now.

Wednesday November 17, 2010 stayed in room 304 at this hotel and received 34 bites mostly on the ventral surface of body. Didn't know at the time that it was bed bugs but realized the following day after looking up on the internet.

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